Wednesday November 6th 2019

St Luke’s Day 2019


This October, we marked St Luke’s Day. No, we haven’t just made a public holiday in October… St Luke’s Day 2019 celebrated the 24th birthday of our agency, everything we’ve accomplished in the last twelve months, and the hard work and outstanding effort from our team. As Account Manager Ross Ritchie’s third St Luke’s Day, he said that this year was one of his favourite’s: “It’s really great that as an agency we come together and celebrate our birthday and the great work that we’ve done over the year. It’s an awesome way to unwind and have fun with everyone.”


The day started out with a presentation from our CEO Neil Henderson, in which he spoke to the Agency about the highs and lows of the year so far and encouraged us in the final push to the end of another successful year. He also spoke about how to be a distinctive agency in this ever-changing media landscape as well get us all excited for the upcoming pitches. He finished off with the aims of our future as an agency as well as a little teaser of our impressive client list…


In true St Luke’s fashion, the afternoon was spent “learning something new” together. This included what’s the size of the flag over the Houses of Parliament (as big as Wimbledon centre court – who knew?) or which of us knows all the words to Defying Gravity (a larger percentage than you might think!) as we sped up and down the river on the Thames Rockets. After that, we learned which of us would survive in the wild as we headed to Whistle Punks for some axe-throwing and friendly colleague competition – some getting a lot more invested than others.



Account Executive Maisie La Costa, despite not being the best at axe-throwing, always looks forward to the day: “St Luke’s Day is something we do which is a little different and always remains a complete surprise for the majority of the agency. It’s a great day for everyone to get out and partake in a little bit of team bonding over activities weird and wonderful. This year, I learned a lot about the axe throwing skills of my fellow colleagues and even more about my lack of skill (will not be putting it under skills on my CV!).”


Here’s to St Luke’s Day 2020!