Tuesday November 7th 2017

St Luke’s go on an adventure with the Very Christmas campaign


This year’s Very ad had a more personal approach this year, as an agency and with the client we chose to continue with the same Animation as last year, with the same Production company, Directors and characters – the whole gang was back together! (Nearly) Fully recovered after the huge campaign last year.


This year we created a slightly more mature story, with a little girl on a quest to deliver a gift to the one person who normally never receives gift. The animation challenge was greater than ever, as her accomplice to help her on this mission is her toy wolf, so on top of the usual challenges of animation we decided to take on snow, ice, fur and water…



A team of more than 30 in the Production/Animation company worked on the commercial. The roles range from modelling, texturing, rigging (creating the characters animated “skeletons”) creating Fur and Hair, Lighting, Rendering


The film took 19 weeks from go ahead to delivery, with two months spent on the animation alone.



Throughout the process we had to use our imagination in some of the early development, imagining what the northern lights would look like, the wolf’s fur and facial expressions from simple line drawings.


What we have ended up with is a beautiful film, telling the story about a selfless little girl who loves giving. Along with bespoke press and out of home creative, media firsts in OK! Magazine and Very have even created merchandise to go along with the film! Including slippers, pyjamas, hats and coats. We also created ‘bloopers’ for additional content online.



Well done team Xmas… we’ll enjoy this moment before we get ready for next year!